Submission Guidelines

  • Work should be completely original. It shouldn’t be plagiarised.
  • We don’t allow the articles published earlier, to be published again in our magazine, even though they belong to the writers.
  • Words should be neither too simple nor too fancy.
  • Sentences should be straightforward and to the point. It should be understandable and must be informative to the students.
  • The article should be neither too long nor too short. It should be within the given word limit.
  • The article should be in paragraphs. Some information is allowed to be mentioned in points with a brief description if required.
  • The style of the article must be the one found in the magazine in general.
  • Writers can use valid examples to make the reader understand certain information in the article. However, the article must not be overloaded with examples.
  • Writer can use subtitles/subheads if required.
  • Photos, diagrams, charts, graphs, tables can also be used in the article. They must completely belong to the writer. If the writer is using the above-mentioned figures from different sources, the sources must be mentioned below the photos, graphs, tables, charts. No plagiarism is allowed.
  • If the writer has taken the help of a certain source/reference that must be mentioned.
  • Use a spell checker before submitting the article.
  • The format should be in word file.
  • For Long Article – Word Limit 1000 to 2000 words.
  • For Short Article – Word Limit 300 to 800 words.

Structure of the Article

  • Font style- Times Roman
  • Font Style- Title- 24pt, Sub-title- 16pt (should be in italics), Content- 14pt
  • Paper Size- A4 size paper
  • Text Column- Single texts, align: justify
  • Page Margins- Left- 0.51”, Right- 0.51”, Top- 0.75”, Bottom- 0.75”. ( If you find any problem in this, you can mail us for queries).
  • Table Captions- Font Size- 10”. The caption should be in lower case and on the top of the table and should be positioned in the center.
  • Figure Captions- Font Size- 10”. The caption should be in lower case and should be below the figure. It should be positioned in the center.
  • Line Spacing- Single.
  • First, there should be a heading. On the same page on the lower left side (at the corner) these should be mentioned- Name of the author and designation of the author.
  • Then there should be abstract. It should be in Italics.
  • Below abstracts, there will be keywords. It should be in Italics too.
  • The keywords should be followed by an introduction to the article, content with sub-headings, conclusion, and work cited.

Format of Work Cited

When citing the references from which you have taken help for writing your article you should put your references in a certain format. First, you should mention the last name of the author and then after putting a comma you should mention the first name of the author. After putting a full stop you should mention the name of the reference work. If it is an article, mention it within inverted commas, and if it is a book, mention it in Italics. If there are more than two authors who have contributed to the reference work, mention their names after mentioning the name of the reference work. Also mention the version of the reference work and volume/issue number, if applicable. Then mention the page number. After that mention the title of the database in the capital. If you have taken the help from any website, mention the URLs.