Smarter Than A Scientist

The bell rings and the rain pours. All the students come rushing out of the building with their hands over their heads.  Backpacks and textbooks going from dry to wet, students expressions going from neutral to angry. Except one student because this student had decided to stay put in the school parking lot all day. She already knew that the rain was going to pour and she, like most students, thinks school isn’t for them. You might wonder why the girl stayed in her car the entire day. Her mother and father are very fond of Astra and as very protective parents they chose to have eyes on her every minute of the day. Her mobile is linked to her parents mobile so whatever she sees on it they will too. Luckily she thought ahead and built a portable computer for her personal use. Definitely parents like Astra’s wouldn’t approve of this. Now that school had finished it was only a matter of time before New Milton School was going to call home because of her absence. 

“Ah, here they call now.” Astra sighed. 

After taking care of that it was time to get straight to business. A few weeks ago there was a message broadcasted on a national news channel. Getting straight to the point, there are wicked people in this world who hacked devices worldwide. Since people like the police are unable to find these culprits it is fifteen year old Astra’s job to do so. 

“Direct me to the signal,” demanded Astra. 

“Ok, boss,” replied her portable computer.

A map appeared on her screen showing a place at least twenty minutes away. The car’s engine roared and Astra drove off. How can a fifteen year old drive a car? You cannot, but sometimes you need to disobey the rules in order to get things done. Anyways as a smart girl she knows her ways. In less than fifteen minutes she arrived at her destination. It was a moldy old factory.

“Perfect like in the movies,” said Astra.

As quiet as possible she entered the building armed with a special weapon. The girl looked down to her watch. It informed her she was one kilometre away from the signal. There was no time to waste so she began to sprint to the other side and then she stopped in her tracks. All around her were monitors, computer screens, lab equipment and the two scientists who started it all. They were unaware of her arrival. These figures looked very focused in their work and familiar to Astra. That’s when something shocking hit her mind. These people were the people she knew most. Her mother and father. It didn’t add up. Mr and Mrs Hoven were business tycoons. They were always busy doing business with other companies, but then as she thought about it somewhat made sense. Her parents were always away doing business which makes her suspect that this was their business. Her father took off his headset and Astra brought her attention back to them. He got up from his seat and as he turned around he was surprised to see his daughter. Mr Hoven tapped his mate on the shoulder. She then turned around to see what he was pointing at. Her mother gasped. Astra smirked. 

“What was the purpose of this?” asked Astra.

Her parents knew very well that there was no point in lying after this moment. 

“Simple, money.” Mrs Hoven confessed.

“Did you know there are other ways of making money?” questioned Astra.

“But this is the easy way of doing it. There is a saying, “time is money”, we don’t wish to waste time for money.”

“Well your money can be gone within seconds.” said Astra

Her parents looked confused and worried. Astra pulled out her special weapon from her bag. Something that does not combine with computers. Liquid, coke and mentos. The classic. 

As fast as she could she opened the bottle of her coke and popped the mentos in. Then, she threw at what looked like a connection box. At first the liquid did not cause any reactions, but then it happened. The bottle burst open leaving the liquid to spread from computer to computer. Astra saw small sparks which meant no good. She hid behind an old, black cabinet. BOOM. She felt the cabinet vibrate. Every device was blown into tiny pieces. Astra poked her head from behind the large box. There she saw a mess, a very big one. Then she noticed her parents lay unconscious. In the distance we’re the sound of police sirens, but before you knew it Astra Hoven disappeared into the dust. 

By Luxsia N,

Grade 7, Tiger Jeet Singh PS, Ontario, Canada

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