Issue 2


With lots of positive reviews, responses, and motivation from the previous issue, Arsh magazine is back with its second issue. First of all, thank you everyone for trusting us. Your faith has acted as a catalyst for us and our team has been highly energized to work hard to make Arsh a better platform for learners to gain knowledge. This time we are back with a lot of new and extraordinarily innovative ideas that will keep our readers glued to the magazine. My experience as an Editor-in-Chief so far has been amazing. Working with a brilliant team to bring a new ray of hope in the life of students is an experience par excellence. The Arsh family is working hard each day to make learning more engrossing. As we all know, recently, a major change has been made in the Education System of India. So, keeping this in mind, the magazine from now will be designed and published according to the New Education Policy. The articles published in the magazine shall focus more on benefits and issues related to education. Also, from now onwards, all the images for our articles are designed by our own creative team. Along with that we have come up with the idea of adding sub-heading to our articles to make them more interesting. For now, we are focusing on e-magazine which will be available to all in the pdf format. The reason for this is of course the ongoing pandemic and the demand for online education in this pandemic. The vision of the magazine is to reach a large number of learners as their support system. Therefore, no segregation has been done in any stream of education. Apart from that we have come up with the idea of introducing a story series in our Readers’ section titled ‘Learning Chunks by Mr. Roy’- in which Mr. Roy is a teacher engaged in teaching two of his mischievous yet intelligent students, who will consistently keep on asking questions to the teacher in order to clear all their doubts. In each issue, we shall be talking about few important topics related to different subjects in this series. The story series will be in a comic strip format which will make it interesting for the learners to understand. So, what are you waiting for? Join Arsh and be a part of this beautiful family!

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