Does Technology Makes You Dumb?

Good or Bad?

         Technology is an invention that helps us do things really easily. Some people say that in this way technology makes us dumb, but some argue that technology just helps us. In different situations, technology can make you dumb or it can help us.

Technology –  A Boon for Mankind

Technology can be quite helpful to us in different ways. During Covid-19 people didn’t want to get infected but they have to buy food, groceries, and household items. Technology helped us by letting us use the internet to buy different things that we need online, and it also allowed us to do school online so that we don’t have to go into the school and risk getting covid. Technology also helps us during regular daily activities. Such as letting us talk to people that are far away without having to even write a letter. It can also help us schedule appointments for the doctor online without having to wait and block an appointment when we reach the doctor’s office. Overall, technology can be really helpful in some situations.


Can Technology Be An Addiction?

         Technology is very useful and can help us in many ways, but sometimes we start using technology too much and immediately reach for it whenever there is a little problem. Technology started making us lazy and dumb because we think that technology is always there so we won’t bother to learn anything new. Some examples of that are when students start using calculators to solve math problems instead of doing it themselves. At first, it helps them get the questions done quicker, but once they start using the calculator a lot, they use just the calculator, and slowly they forget how to do the problems themselves. When the test comes, students can’t use the calculator, so they don’t know how to solve the problems themselves, so they may get those questions wrong. Another example is when someone is talking to you, you might keep looking at your phone because someone is messaging you or something else. When you keep doing that the other person might think that you are not listening to them and that you are being rude. Technology can help us in some ways, but sometimes we can become addicted to it and that can make us rude and lazy.

The Proper Way

         If used in the wrong way technology can make us dumb, but if it is used in the right way, technology can help us. The right way to use technology is to use technology only when needed and not for every little thing such as school homework. Then, if you have a problem that you can’t solve, don’t rush to the internet to search for the answer, first, try every possible way that you know. If that doesn’t work then ask someone else, if they can’t help you, then search up some tutorials online so that you know how to solve the problem instead of just knowing the answer. Finally, if you can’t find the tutorial that you need, then you should search for the answer up. There are a lot more rules to technology, but these are just a few simple ones, so if you follow these easy rules, then technology won’t be able to make you lazy and dumb.

In Conclusion

         In these ways, technology can help us a lot, but if we don’t use technology properly then it can slowly make us dumb and lazy. You should learn that you shouldn’t use technology for everything but just now and then.

By Advik Vijay Anand

Oak Grove School

Illinois, U.S.A.

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