Can a pandemic stop you from gaining knowledge? It can stop you from getting out of your home. It can stop you from meeting your friends. But it can’t stop you from gaining knowledge. It cannot stop you from dreaming. So, dream! Dream big! And don’t be afraid of a stumbling block, if any that may come your way. For, one day you are going to shove it down with your hard work. So, study! Study whatever you get in your way and gain knowledge as much as you can.

In order to make your work easier, we are here to help you out! Arsh magazine has been conceptualized and designed for students who are finding it difficult to continue with their studies in this lockdown. With schools and institutions remaining closed, it is difficult for the students to get easy access to certain notes on specific subjects. No need to worry anymore. Our team is here with you to provide you with notes, discussions, and important facts that will help you cracking certain exams from boards to competitive examinations. Thanks to the technology that has given us a platform to give a shape to our innovative idea!

One of the motives of the magazine is to reach out to an abundant number of students and provide them with basic information related to their subjects in interesting ways. Our production team is working hard day and night to make learning interesting and easily accessible to the students. Students are the backbone of society. And we can’t ignore them at any cost. The prime aim of this magazine is not only to make one’s learning interesting but also to provide amazing facts, and articles related to Arts, Science, and Commerce. By sitting at home, they can prepare for their future examinations digitally as the students can easily get access to this e-magazine. Education is one of the prime factors for the development of the society or of any Nation in general. So, a pandemic can’t stop a student from getting its education. The vision of this magazine is to act as a support system to the students in gaining their education by sitting at home through the internet. Our team members are here to guide students in every aspect and in every field.

The main objective of this magazine is to provide notes, questions, information, and facts to the students from grade 8 to grade 12 in all subjects. The notes are designed as per the syllabus and the questions are designed as per the pattern usually set in boards. Apart from that Arsh provides you with previous years’ question papers. Also, it provides you with previous years’ question papers from various competitive examinations apart from amazing facts and information. We also encourage and provide students a platform to present their talents to the world. For this, we have come up with the idea of conducting some competitions in which students will get opportunities to participate and showcase their talents. So, Arsh is giving an excellent platform to the students to work on their passion as well.

We have very talented team members who are working hard for the students across the Nation. Our passion is to educate. Our dream is to make learning easily accessible to the students in a very new, interesting and innovative ways. Therefore Arsh – Reformation of Knowledge and Learning.

We hope you enjoy our e-magazines & e-ca as much as we enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us.


Arsh Team

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