A Great Discovery

Did you know there was a naive child who discovered the great unknown in just a matter of seconds? It was all his curiosity that brought him this great discovery. A discovery is hidden for who knows how long. If not, here is the story. 

person submerged on body of water holding sparkler
A Great Discovery

Young Lepus was on his way to the shop he adored most, Tea Express. This shop brought him placidity. He always sat by the wide window and ordered a drink. The boy sipped his warm tea and stared out the window. He could see men and women rushing to subways, kids with a big smile on their way to the park, the same three shady figures daily walking into Baker’s Boat Shop. Two of the figures were tall and the other was short. Out of curiosity Lepus leapt from his seat and marched out the door. He crossed the street and in he went to Baker’s Boat Shop. As usual like every other boat shop, there were fishing rods, anchors, safety gear and cleaning supplies. The funny thing Lepus noticed was that if it’s a boat shop there should be boats, but this shop didn’t have any. He looked out to the water and no boats were to be found. The three figures were walking towards the basement. “Why are these people headed to the basement? Maybe the boats are down there.” thought Lepus. He tiptoed to the basement door and opened it quietly. The three figures took off their cloaks. It seemed to be two parents and their daughter. They hugged each other and the man murmured a word into a microphone connected to a booth. Lepus couldn’t believe what he saw.

 The floor was splitting apart and the water was rising to floor level. A tunnel formed through the wall and a gate opened. A boat had appeared slowly down the stream from the tunnel. The young girl boarded the boat. Then onward she vanished from sight waving to her parents. The two adults turned around and climbed up the stairs. Lepus darted for the safety gear. He pretended to examine the life vests. The bell rang as the door opened and they were gone. Lepus walked towards the basement in shock. The room was back to its original shape. Then, while thinking about the incident he decided he wanted to investigate. The boy observed the room and his attention was caught by the booth. 

“Hello?” he spoke into the mic. 

“Name and Password,” said a woman’s voice. 

 He thought back to when the father whispered into the mic. Lepus closed his eyes and tried to picture the words coming from his mouth. It was very difficult so he had to improvise.

“Uh, Percy Padman, Caramel Apple?” Lepus said with hesitation. 

There was no response, but then it happened. Just like before the floor separated, the water rose and out came the boat from the tunnel. Lepus gently climbed aboard the boat. The boat floated back through the dark tunnel. In the distance, he could see the ocean. As Lepus came out of the tunnel he looked back to see the tunnel disappeared. Right when the boy started to question things something astonishing happened. The petite boat transformed into a mini titanic. The small boat disappeared and now he was inside a luxurious ship. He explored the ship to find many extraordinary things. The question Lepus pondered the most was “where am I going?”. 

By Luxsia N

Tiger Jeet Singh PS, Ontario, Canada

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